About us


Storyfabrick is a Belgium startup company that innovates the shopping process by uploading your business into the Metaverse. We create virtual reality for your brand, improve the experience for your customers and load your product designs into 1 simulation. The client chooses between your kitchen-, living-, bathroom, … and steps into a new world. You sketch your dream, we draw your story. A picture says more than the sale of a thousand words.



look into the future

A client can walk through on their phone, tablet, pc, or virtual reality helmet without needing to be physically present at your local shop. Anyone from everywhere around the world can just drop by to buy your products from our online marketplace.

Storyfabrick is building a crossroads where vendors can find designers, designers can find construction contractors and construction contractors can find clients. Upscale your sales by working together. Save time and space, to be directly connected to a communication hub. Become a partner and let your clients be amazed at the thin line where fantasy meets reality. Let us build your story together.