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Do you have SketchUp design ( if there is demand for it, bridges to other cad programs will be built.)  that you want to view as archviz walkthrough in the metaverse? Storyfabric will teleport it into the cloud where it will be 24/7h accessible for as long as your project needs to be. You can apply for a service where care for you, professionalism en speed of work are combined. Depending on the different filesize is a different price attached. Contact on live chat or email at

Plan 1 is for a single room or multiple rooms in the same plane: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, …
It will be built within 1 workday.


 250,000Add to cart


Plan 2 is rooms that are connected with a stair in 2 different planes. 
It will be built within 1 workday. 

 350,000Add to cart


Plan 3 is for more than 2 planes. 

It will be built within 1 or 2 workdays, depending on the business of the day.

 500,000Add to cart


Plan 4 offers you your own VR helmet. It will be customized, configured, updated, and delivered to be wirelessly connected to your local wifi. You will receive training and technical support.

 1.500,000Add to cart